Chief Advancements List

ABEC - Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate Launching And Recovery Equipment

ABFC - Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate Fuel Handling

ABHC - Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate Aircraft Handling

ACC - Chief Air Traffic Controller

ADC - Chief Aviation Machinists Mate

AEC - Chief Aviation Electricians Mate

AGC - Chief Aerographers Mate

AMC - Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic

AMEC - Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic

AOC - Chief Aviation Ordnanceman

ASC - Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician

ATIC - Chief Aviation Electronics Technician

ATOC - Chief Aviation Electronics Technician

AWFC - Chief Naval Aircrewmen Mechanical

AWOC - Chief Naval Aircrewmen Operator

AWRC - Chief Naval Aircrewmen Tactical-Helicopter

AWSC - Chief Naval Aircrewmen Helicopter

AWVC - Chief Naval Aircrewmen Avionics

AZC - Chief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman

BMC - Chief Boatswains Mate

BUC - Chief Builder

CEC - Chief Construction Electrician

CMC - Chief Construction Mechanic

CSC - Chief Culinary Specialist Submarine Qualified

CSC - Chief Culinary Specialist

CTIC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (Middle East And North Africa)

CTIC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (East And Far East Asia)

CTIC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (Latin And South America)

CTIC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (Eastern Europe)

CTMC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Maintenance

CTNC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Networks

CTRC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Collection

CTTC - Chief Cryptologic Technician Technical

DCC - Chief Damage Controlman

EAC - Chief Engineering Aid

EMC - Chief Electricians Mate

EMNC - Chief Electricians Mate Nuclear (Submarine)

EMNC - Chief Electricians Mate Nuclear (Surface)

ENC - Chief Engineman

EOC - Chief Equipment Operator

EODC - Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician

ETC - Chief Electronics Technician

ETNC - Chief Electronics Technician Nuclear (Submarine)

ETNC - Chief Electronics Technician Nuclear (Surface)

ETRC - Chief Electronics Technician Submarine (Communications)

ETVC - Chief Electronics Technician Submarine(Navigation)

FCC - Chief Fire Controlman Non-Aegis

FCC - Chief Fire Controlman Aegis

FTC - Chief Fire Control Technician

GMC - Chief Gunners Mate

GSEC - Chief Gas Turbine System Technician( Electrical)

GSMC - Chief Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical)

HMC - Chief Hospital Corpsman

HTC - Chief Hull Maintenance Technician

ICC - Chief Interior Communications Electrician

ISC - Chief Intelligence Specialist

ITC - Chief Information Systems Technician

ITSC - Chief Information Systems Technician (Submarines)

LNC - Chief Legalman

LSC - Chief Logistics Specialist Submarine Qualified

LSC - Chief Logistics Specialist

MAC - Chief Master At Arms

MCC - Chief Mass Communications Specialist

MMC - Chief Machinists Mate

MMEC - Chief Machinists Mate Submarine (Auxiliary)

MMNC - Chief Machinists Mate Nuclear (Submarine)

MMNC - Chief Machinists Mate Nuclear (Surface)

MMWC - Chief Machinists Mate Submarine (Weapons)

MNC - Chief Mineman

MRC - Chief Machinery Repairman

MTC - Chief Missile Technician

MUC - Chief Musician Special Band

MUC - Chief Musician Fleet Band

NCCC - Chief Navy Counselor (Counselor)

NCRC - Chief Navy Counselor (Recruiter)

NDC - Chief Navy Diver

OSC - Chief Operations Specialist

PRC - Chief Aircrew Survival Equipmentman

PSC - Chief Personnel Specialist

QMC - Chief Quartermaster

RPC - Chief Religious Program Specialist

SBC - Chief Special Warfare Boat Operator

SHC - Chief Ships Serviceman

SOC - Chief Special Warfare Operator

STGC - Chief Sonar Technician Surface

STSC - Chief Sonar Technician Submarine

SWC - Chief Steelworker

UTC - Chief Utilitiesman

YNC - Chief Yeoman Submarine Qualified